How Calamine Lotion Helps Tackle Baby’s Summer Skin Troubles

How Calamine Lotion Helps Tackle Baby’s Summer Skin Troubles

Summer can be a tough time for your baby’s sensitive skin. Sweating due to the heat can have adverse effects on skin health. The irritation and uncomfortable feeling caused by skin conditions such as heat rashes, insect bites, and skin allergies can make your baby cranky. A common problem that your little one may face as soon as the temperature soars is itchy, painful, tiny red bumps.

During summer, babies perspire a lot, which can lead to clogged sweat gland pores, resulting in skin infection and rashes. Since baby’s skin is thin and delicate, prolonged exposure to the heat can cause a sun burn. Also, there is an increase in instances of skin allergies due to bug bites during the summer season. Here are three ways you can provide some instant relief to your baby’s skin.

1. Cool the skin to relieve irritation

Your best bet to soothe summer skin conditions is to keep a few baby wipes and a soothing calamine lotion handy. The first step to help your baby is easing the pain and discomfort by cooling the skin down with a good wipe. If your baby enjoys bath time, you can give her a quick wash.

2. Heal and soothe with calamine lotion

The next step is to heal the skin and protect it from further damage. Use a calamine lotion packed with the natural goodness of Aloe Vera, Mustard, and Nutgrass to provide relief from itching and accelerate the skin’s healing process. Calamine lotion helps restore skin health and also puts baby in a happy mood by alleviating the irritation and uneasiness caused by rashes and allergies.

3. Apply the right amount

Calamine lotion is one of the mildest healing solutions to treat baby’s skin problems such as heat rashes and mosquito bites. However, be cautious while using calamine lotion. Apply a generous amount only over the affected area, and reapply as and when required. Refrain from using it around sensitive areas such as baby’s eyes.

While calamine lotion can as act as a quick solution to restore baby’s skin health in the summer, if you notice that the rashes haven’t subsided, consult your pediatrician and seek medical attention. Enjoy the summer by keeping your baby’s skin healthy and mood happy by having a soothing calamine lotion handy at all times!