Four Tips to Enjoy a Monsoon with Your Happy Baby

Four Tips to Enjoy a Monsoon with Your Happy Baby

Everyone eagerly waits for the monsoon to escape the scorching heat of summer. However, the rainy season also brings the fear of infections. Your baby needs extra care and attention during this season; after all, a clean baby is a healthy baby. Keeping these simple steps in mind can make your little one happy and comfortable.

1. Skin Care

The monsoon can be a very difficult time for baby’s skin. The damp and humid weather can cause excessive sweating. Using a gentle baby powder to keep baby’s skin dry can help prevent rashes and fungal infections, a common problem during this season. Give your baby regular baths to keep her skin cool and dry. Using a milk and honey-based soap such as Himalaya Nourishing Baby Soap can help keep baby’s skin fresh while protecting it from dehydration and infections.

2. A Safe and Clean Environment

Disinfect the area around your baby to keep diseases at bay. Ensure that there is no stagnant water or open drains around the house or your baby’s room. Mosquitoes are a common problem during this season, so keep the house clean and tidy. In addition to using a mosquito net for your baby, you could use a chemical-free mosquito repellent for the rooms.

3. Appropriate Clothing

The change in weather during the monsoon can affect your little one. Dress her in simple, cotton fabrics that don’t itch or stick. If it gets cold, you can dress her in an extra layer of clothing. It is important to keep your baby comfortable at all times. Dress your baby in full-length clothes to prevent mosquito bites. Ensure that the clothes are completely dry before she wears them.

4. Proper Hygiene

Ensure that your baby isn’t sweating or wearing the same clothes for long periods of time. Using an antiseptic soap while giving her a bath can help her stay clean and fresh for longer. If you are unable to bathe your baby, you can use wet wipes, like Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes, to clean your baby. Your personal hygiene is as important as your baby’s. Keep your hands and clothes clean all the time. Do maintain food hygiene as well. During the monsoon, the chances of water getting polluted is higher, so make sure you use boiled water for yourself and your baby.

The monsoon is a welcome change from the summer heat, so try to make the best of it. A few simple measures like these can help you keep infections at bay while enjoying the season with your baby!