Winter Hacks for Baby

Winter Hacks for Baby

The season of festivity and dryness sets in. So also extra special care for baby’s skin. A few quick hacks can allow you and baby enjoy the season worry-free.

Smart Bath Hacks:

Since the skin gets especially dry with the temperatures dropping, it’s good to bathe baby once in two days and only in lukewarm water. Water that’s too hot will hurt the first protective layer of skin. It’s best to apply a moisturizer and diaper cream right after bath as the pores are open and the skin locks in moisture for longer time.

Sensible Clothing Hacks:

It’s best to use breathable layers to keep baby warm. Never too warm, as that will lead to sweat accumulation which will irritate baby’s skin. It’s good to protect the head and ears of a baby with a hood or a hat. Don’t be tempted to wrap your baby in a woolen sweater or blanket directly as the rough fibers will scratch baby’s sensitive skin leading to a rash. Needless to say, keep baby’s garments clean and disinfected to avoid skin trouble.

Fuss-free Diaper Hacks:

If your baby is wearing a diaper of the right size, you can avoid the rashes that come from too tight diapers. If you know the diaper needs to be changed, do it immediately. Oh yes, do let the baby be naked so as to air the bottom. And don’t forget the diaper rash cream after bath to protect baby’s skin from friction and moisture.