When to Supplement with Formula

When to Supplement with Formula

Although most doctors recommend breastfeeding for at least a year, you can introduce your baby to bottle or formula feeding any time after your breasts start producing enough milk, which takes at least a month from the time you start nursing your baby. Your infant may refuse a bottle or a new food source at this stage. However, if your baby is used to having breast milk in a bottle, the transition may not be too difficult. Just remember to take this slowly so that your baby is able to accept the new taste and the method of feeding. You can ask your spouse to offer the first few bottles. If you’re the one offering, your baby will be able to smell you and may create more fuss and demand to be breastfed.

What is the Right Kind of Formula?

As most of the formulas today are packed with enough nutrition required for a growing baby, it is perfectly safe for infants to have these as a healthy alternative to breast milk, if there is a necessity. You will find a variety of formulas available in the market, but the powdered formula based on cow’s milk still remains the most popular choice amongst parents. It is however advisable to consult your doctor about the right formula for your baby.

Some Important Tips to Follow when Preparing Formula

  • Always ensure that your hands are clean.

  • Sterilize all the equipment required such as the pan or kettle, measuring jug, stirring spoon, bottles, nipples, discs, rings and caps.

  • Carefully read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions when making the formula. Remember, adding too much of formula in the water can make your child sick while too little can leave him undernourished.

  • You may make all the bottles required in a day at the same time and keep them refrigerated. Use the bottles one at a time whenever necessary, but always throw away the left over milk.

Steps to Prepare Formula

  • Boil some fresh water and let it cool. Measure the required amount into the jug.

  • Measure the required amount of formula with the scoop and add to the water. Mix well to ensure that the powder dissolves completely and you get the right consistency.

  • Pour the prepared formula into the bottles using a sterilized plastic funnel.

  • With the nipples placed upside down in the bottles to ensure that they remain clean, cover the mouth with the discs and screw on the rings. Put the caps on the bottles and store in the fridge.