Take Three for Picture Perfect Hygiene

Take Three for Picture Perfect Hygiene

Travelling with your baby makes for lovely memories. While you are beaming at the camera, do your photos reveal a squeamish, uncomfortable baby? Travel usually means change, and if you aren’t equipped for hygiene on the move, your baby may become cranky and irritable. Here are three herbs that will make hygiene easy.

Take 1: Action Aloe Vera

Itches and rashes are easily taken care of with the cooling Aloe Vera, which has soothing anti-inflamatory properties.

Take 2: Action Almond Oil

Cleanliness is extended for a longer time with Almond Oil, a good source of antioxidants which play a major role in protecting the skin.

Take 3: Action Lavender

Lavender not only fights off bacteria but also has a pleasant aroma that relaxes baby, calms restlessness and helps induce sound sleep.

Now,the next picture with your baby is guaranteed - fresh, happy and perfect!