Swaddling Baby

Swaddling Baby

Swaddling is a good way to soothe your baby when he is in distress. You can wrap up your baby in a soft shawl or light blanket to comfort him. This also helps baby feel safe and secure as he will take his time to adjust to the outside world.

  • Spread a blanket or shawl and fold it into a triangle. Place your baby in the center with his neck aligned at the top.

  • Take one side of the blanket, pull it over his shoulder and diagonally across his body. Pull the corner under his arm and tuck it under his bottom.

  • Take the other corner and pull it over baby’s shoulder. You can tuck his arm up against his neck if he feels more comfortable that way. Tuck the fabric neatly under his body while ensuring that the blanket is not too tight around his neck.

  • Finally, gather the bottom and tuck the blanket underneath to cover his feet.