Rock-a-bye baby, in the tree top

Rock-a-bye baby, in the tree top

You don’t need to put the baby in a tree top for a sound sleep. Practice these lesser known tricks to ensure your baby sleeps peacefully.

Control baby’s body clock – Let there be light even when baby naps in the afternoon, but as dusk falls, use light dimmers to gradually condition baby’s senses to shut down for the night.

Pamper baby in Mamma Spa – A fifteen minute massage with slow strokes, gentle pressure with baby-safe oil before sleep can calm baby into sleep faster and more soundly.

No googly eyes - When baby gazes into your eyes, their heart rate speeds up, blood pressure rises and they become more awake. Use the morning for bonding and connecting but no eye contact before bedtime.

Breathe easy – Before bedtime, plug in earphones and listen to music with fewer than 70 beats per minute and breathe to that rhythm. The slowing down of your heart rate will send signals to baby to calm down.

While the baby is sleeping peacefully, we hope you have a good night too!

The Sleep Cycle

1 week old 16-18 hours
6 weeks 8.5 hours
3 months 9 hours
6 months 10 hours
9 months 11 hours
12 months 12 hours