Pregnancy Rashes Making You Uncomfortable?

As your body stretches to make way for your little one, your skin needs to be soothed and comforted through the expansion. In addition to stretching skin, sweat may contribute to itchy, pregnancy rashes that appear on the belly, bottom, and thighs.

It is easy for you to reach out for any moisturizer to soothe those painful, itchy rashes in odd places. But, be careful about what you apply on your skin as the ingredients may absorb into the bloodstream and pass to baby as well.

Follow these tips to support your skin:

  • Apply a moderately cold compress to give your skin comfort.

  • Use a rash protecting cream that contains actives like Natural Zinc and Aloe Vera to heal the skin with lasting comfort.

  • Avoid scratching the rash as your nails will only worsen the condition. Wear soft, cotton gloves if you have a tendency to scratch.

Using an anti-rash cream that is specially made for mothers will be safe for baby, help soothe the itching, and provide moisture, making for a more comfortable pregnancy.