Go Herbs!

My Dad, My Hero

Bonding with a baby is all about saying ‘I love you’ through gestures. A song, pat, smile, and even a diaper change is an expression of caring that creates a bond with baby. Here are some simple things that you, as a dad, can do to connect with your baby.

Diaper changing may not be the most exciting responsibility, but it’s also one of the routine tasks that means that dad is really involved in baby’s life.

After a meal, getting baby to burp could become your own personal bonding ritual.

Sing a song to baby; or, just hum your favorite tune to lull baby to sleep. This song could very well be the song that puts him to sleep even when he is 50!

Make it a habit to read a book, blog or magazine. Humor, intellect, and language begin in your lap and are communicated to baby through your voice.

Become your baby’s personal laugh mate. Funny faces, crazy language, strange noises --use any action or noise you can think of to make baby laugh.

Walk around with baby. As baby gets comfortable with the warmth of your body, he will come to you to seek solace and comfort.

Go Daddy! Baby's Hero!