Must Know Facts about Baby’s Skin

Must Know Facts about Baby’s Skin

A newborn baby’s skin is extremely fragile and sensitive. The world’s environment can be harsh on baby’s skin compared with the safe, warm, and comfortable conditions present in a mother’s womb. Baby’s skin eventually becomes resilient and healthy, requiring extra gentle care and attention during the initial months.

Read on to understand some crucial facts about a newborn’s skin, which will help you take the right steps to care for baby.

Baby’s skin is up to five times thinner than adult skin.

Baby’s brand-new, soft skin needs to be moisturised, just like yours. Since baby’s skin is thinner and more fragile than adult skin, it requires a lotion to lock-in moisture. Use a moisturising lotion after bathing to help retain moisture in baby’s tender skin and keep dryness away. Opting for a lotion that contains the goodness of Olive Oil, Almond Oil, and Licorice can help keep baby’s skin soft and supple all day long.

Cradle cap is normal and will go away.

Baby’s scalp is just as important as the rest of her skin. Cradle cap is a common condition and is not usually connected with baby hygiene. However, the greasy, yellow, and flaky dandruff may look and sometimes smell badly. It can be eliminated by using an herbal shampoo that contains the antidandruff action of Chickpea, Hibiscus to soften hair, and Khus Grass with its antibacterial and antifungal properties. Washing and oiling baby’s hair and scalp regularly nourishes and also aids in clearing any developing cradle cap.

Massage can promote baby’s growth and skin health.

Massage is one of the best ways to help baby build a bond with her parents. It is also the ideal way to learn how to handle baby. Baby’s fragile skin requires an unscented, light and natural oil rich in Vitamin E. Use a massage oil that is formulated with the right combination of natural essentials like Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, and Winter Cherry, which help promote baby's growth and development and keep skin soft and lustrous.

Babies get acne and rashes too.

Baby’s skin can also be prone to pimples, whiteheads, minor rashes, and peeling skin. The reason could be anything from a liquid that is too warm, or a dry and crisp environment. These skin conditions don’t irritate baby. While baby’s skin eventually develops immunity against such issues, baby’s skin will be back to normal without treatment.

Support baby’s skin wellness with products infused with the power of herbs. Natural and herbal products can ensure your baby enjoys healthy, nourished, problem-free skin that radiates happiness.