Moisturizing Baby’s skin

Moisturizing Baby’s skin
  • A baby’s skin is susceptible to becoming dry. Factors like cold, dry outside air and indoor heating in winters tend to make baby’s skin dry. During summers, avoid exposing baby to direct sunlight. Even prolonged bathing time can rob the infant’s skin of its natural oil. So, you must take care to keep his skin well-hydrated, moisturized and nourished always.

  • Once you dry baby after his bath, apply a mild body lotion or a light moisturizer immediately. Damp skin absorbs the lotion better and helps retain the skin’s moisture equilibrium.

  • Avoid using any chemical based skin care products that can cause a reaction on your baby’s skin.

  • For tender areas like the cheeks, nose, elbows and knees, you can use a natural cream for babies.

Himalaya Baby Lotion, enriched with the goodness of natural oils like Olive, Almond and Yashtimadhu, keeps baby’s skin soft and supple.

Himalaya Baby Cream is an ideal formulation for such sensitive areas. Also, give baby plenty of fluid throughout the day to keep him well hydrated.