Managing Baby When He’s Ill

Managing Baby When He’s Ill

Seeing your little one suffer in discomfort and pain can certainly be distressing for you. Thus, it becomes imperative for parents to have the necessary knowledge to be able to handle your baby in such circumstances. However, in case of an emergency, you should immediately call for help.

*Some situations which require emergency help are listed below. Call your pediatrician or take baby to the closest hospital when your baby:

  • Becomes unconscious

  • Has difficulty in breathing

  • Has convulsions

  • Becomes pale

  • Has unusual drowsiness

  • Has either a high temperature (more than 100.4 degrees F or 36 degrees C) or very low temperature (below 95 degrees F or 35 degrees C) in rectal readings.

  • Has diarrhea (lasting more than a couple of hours) or vomiting

  • Loses his appetite and refuses to eat or drink milk