How to Change a Diaper

How to Change a Diaper
  • First, lay your baby on a dry, warm, and flat surface. If using a fabric diaper with pins, remove the pins carefully with one hand while putting the other hand between the fabric and the skin. In case of self-stick diapers, pull back the fabric on each side.

  • Lower the diaper while holding baby’s ankles, lift the bottom and clean the genital area with a corner of the diaper.

  • With your baby’s bottom still raised, fold the dirty diaper into half and slide it from underneath his bottom, rolling it up as you remove it. Place it in the disposable bag.

  • With a baby wipe or a wet cloth, clean the genital area thoroughly, then raise both his legs and clean his bottom. If using wipes, avoid those that may have a rough texture or strong deodorant.

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  • Take a clean diaper, place the top half under baby’s bottom with the other half coming in between his legs.

  • Avoid bunching the diaper between your baby’s legs to avoid discomfort.

  • Properly fasten the diaper, so that it fits snugly around baby’s thighs. Be careful not to tighten too much so that baby's skin does not get pinched.

  • Wash your hands properly.