Five Simple Ways to Foster Good Sleeping Habits in Baby

Five Simple Ways to Foster Good Sleeping Habits in Baby

The first time your baby falls asleep in your arms, it’s a beautiful feeling. It’s wonderful how your little one feels safe and protected in your embrace and sleeps peacefully. But every baby has a different sleeping pattern. They either sleep through the day, stay awake through the night, wake up after quick naps, or resist naps. Right from sleeping peacefully to waking up fitfully, all mums worry about their babies not getting enough sleep. Here are five simple tricks you can follow to fix your baby’s sleep cycle.

It is All in the lighting

During playtime, keep your baby in a brightly lit room, and make it as dark as possible when you put her to sleep. This change in lighting will help your baby get accustomed to a set sleep routine. Also, darkness or minimal light helps the production of melatonin in baby’s brain. This helps stimulate deep and soothing sleep cycle.

Mornings are for pampering

Cuddle, coax, and talk to your baby in a playful tone when you feed her during the day. At night, minimize interactions while feeding your baby and slowly rock her to sleep. Swaddle and rock her some more, put her down in the crib, and slowly pat her to sleep. This will help her self-soothe and get back to sleep.

Quiet and white noise

Noises around the house can disturb baby’s sleep and insufficient rest can leave her cranky. Put your baby to sleep in a quiet room, or block outside sounds with white noise such as the whizzing of a fan or a slow heartbeat playing in the background. Such sounds replicate the womb experience and help soothe and calm baby’s mind.

Sing sweet lullabies

Your voice has the most soothing impact on your baby. Slowly humming a song or a tune helps calm your baby. Singing a lullaby while putting your baby to sleep relieves stress and leaves your baby feeling relaxed.

Unwind during bath time

Softly stroke your baby with love as you give her a warm water bath, and talk to her in a low hush voice. Keep the lights dim and change her into soft comfortable cotton clothes every day right before rocking her to sleep.

In the initial months, you must be prepared for some exhaustive sleepless nights and try to take a nap along with the baby whenever she dozes off. Sleep cycles will change as your baby grows. As her brain and nervous system develop, she will learn to sleep consistently for longer stretches.