Fabulous Four in your Baby’s Travel Bag?

Fabulous Four in your Baby’s Travel Bag?

It’s the season of vacations, and you’re looking to make new memories with your precious little one. While you’ve heard and read all about travelling with your child, do you have the fabulous four yet?

Wear your baby

Don’t underestimate the power of a good, ergonomically-designed baby carrier that’s gentle on your baby and your back. Keeping skin-to-skin contact can be reassuring for baby especially while travelling to new places.

Portable bath times

If your child enjoys a good bath, then inflatable bath tubs can help with bath time. The more innovative varieties inflate and deflate easily, occupy hardly any space in your luggage and can even make sounds.

Packing liquids easily

Refillable traveller bottles are very handy. These squeezable tubes have large openings for filling liquids. You can stick a label on them and pack smart. Be it shampoo, massage oil or edible liquids, these bottles make your life travel friendly.

For a peaceful snooze

Put your baby to sleep in an easy crib. Baby cribs which have a self-inflating mattress can be your baby’s safe haven, especially while travelling. Look for cribs which are light and portable.

Wish you a happy, light and peaceful travel!