Experts' advice on Baby Massage

Experts' advice on Baby Massage
  • Choose a dry and warm place, preferably a room well lit with sunshine.

  • Place your baby and yourself in the right position. You can sit with your back leaned against the wall or a couch.

  • You can either sit cross-legged or stretch your legs in front of you. Spread a dry and slightly warmed towel over your legs and place baby on it.

  • To begin the massage, pour some oil into your hands, hold baby’s foot with one hand, and spread the oil over baby’s legs from his ankles to thighs, while looking into his eyes and speaking gently.

  • Hold his legs with both hands, and with the light pressure of a twisting and squeezing motion, move your hands from his thigh to his foot. Stroke lightly from his thigh to his feet before you move upwards.

  • To massage the abdomen, slide your whole palm and fingers in a hand-over-hand circular motion, working from the rib-cage downward. Then, slide both your arms around.

  • To massage the chest, slide both hands along the rib cage from the center to the sides and back again.

  • For the face, massage with your whole palm, lightly pressing, pushing, and circling with your thumb, and finally stroke lightly with your fingertips from the forehead to his cheeks.

  • For the back, use your finger-pads to lightly rub small circles all over the back. Then, gently slide the fingertips from the back over the buttocks to the legs and ankles.

  • Once you learn the art of infant massage, you and your baby together can enjoy many more creative touches.