Dressing Comfortably during Pregnancy

Dressing Comfortably during Pregnancy

Pregnancy spells a lot of changes for women. But one of the most important things that you’ve got to get used to is the change that your body undergoes during these months. You will have to invest in new clothes by the second trimester (or sometimes sooner) until your delivery!

Here’s some handy tips to help you choose your clothes during this period.

1st Trimester (1-3 months)

There is a slim chance that you will need new clothes during this period. You may find that t-shirts are fitting a little too snugly around your belly, or you may find it difficult to button your jeans at the end of three months. But, there is no need to start wearing kaftans that will cover your entire body! At this point, wear anything you’re comfortable in.

2nd Trimester (3-6 months)

There are few items to purchase during this period, which will last the whole pregnancy and even afterwards:

  • Stretch pants will accommodate your growing belly

  • Slim fit skirt with a belly panel

  • Dresses that are both slimming and comfortable

  • Button down shirt, which will accommodate your new bust size

  • Maternity innerwear

  • Comfortable shoes

When choosing the items above, remember to pick black, white or grey items of clothing, but do spice them up with plenty of colorful accessories. This will keep you feeling fashionable even though you’re wearing stretch pants for the fourth week this time! Bright, colored bangles, scarves, watches, brooches and shawls will brighten up your outfit and add variety.

3rd Trimester (6-9 months)

The third trimester is when women really start to feel the extra weight, which results in an increase in body heat too. This is when you will be filling in your maternity clothes nicely or may even start to outgrow them towards the end of the third trimester. Now is the time you should put comfort before fashion and give yourself a break. If you’re feeling like wearing sweatpants, you should! Many doctors also recommend wearing a maternity belt, which can be worn discreetly underneath your clothes, for relieving backaches and pains.