Diaper 101

Diaper 101

Among the first skills that parents master when a baby is born is changing diapers. Read on for a quick guide to diaper discipline.

#1 Choosing the right diaper:

The one-size-fits-all diaper strategy is a bad idea. Keep in mind the baby’s size, comfort, hygiene, and safety while picking a diaper. Diapers have to contain super absorbent polymers that help to trap wetness, keeping moisture and rashes away. A good diaper has a soft inner cover as that portion touches baby’s skin directly. Good quality elastic and stretchable edges ensure leak protection. Most importantly, choose a diaper which has natural, herbal ingredients. Red marks around baby’s waist means you need a bigger size.

#2 The low down about diaper rash:

A patchwork of bright red skin on your baby’s bottom is most likely a diaper rash caused by a diaper that is too small and is chaffing baby’s skin. Another reason for diaper rash is because the diaper doesn’t properly absorb liquid, leading to baby's skin being in contact with urine and/ or feces.

#3 Keep the rash away:

It is best to change soiled diapers as soon as possible, even if baby is asleep. Wipe baby’s genital area with alcohol-free wipes. Apply a mild, gentle, herbal diaper rash cream. Follow with a diaper that contains natural ingredients.

# 4 Benefits of good diaper discipline:

Choosing the right diaper will ensure a full sleep cycle, travel convenience and fewer episodes of sickness.