Cleaning Baby

Cleaning Baby

Babies have extremely sensitive skin and may not necessarily require to be bathed, especially during the first few days. Just wiping them with cotton balls and warm water can be enough. Some doctors even suggest avoiding bathing babies until the umbilical cord stump has fallen off.

Taking Care of Your Baby's Nails

Baby's nails can be quite long at birth, and it's essential to cut them early enough to prevent him from scratching himself. Though you may feel a little jittery, some tips can help you manage the task well:

It's preferable to trim nails right after bathing, as the nails are soft and tender and easier to trim. Blunt-edged scissors or baby nail clippers can be used. Just follow the natural line of baby's fingers while depressing the finger pad from the nail.

If you wish, you can cover his hands with a pair of soft mittens until you are confident enough to cut baby's nails.

You can also gently nibble on the nails as your mouth is more sensitive than a pair of scissors.

When your baby grows a little older, you can seat him in your lap. While holding his fingers steady with one hand, trim his nails with the other using a blunt-edged nail clipper or scissor.