Carrying Baby in a Sling

Carrying Baby in a Sling

It is important to keep your baby in close proximity at all times. Whether you decide to go on an outing or tend to your daily tasks, a soft cloth sling carrier for babies is an ideal solution. For slightly older or heavier babies, backpacks with sturdy frames made from aluminum material work well.

Always go through the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before putting on the sling and check that it is securely fastened. Make sure that your baby is comfortable when you put him inside. Similarly, put baby on a safe place before taking the sling off. Even with the sling on, you must provide proper support for baby’s head and neck, more so when bending forward or to the side.

Tips for buying a sling:

  • Carry your baby along while choosing a sling, to check for size and comfort.

  • Make sure your baby’s body fits in well, and the sling provides proper support to the head and neck.

  • Always check the quality of the material and all the fastenings, like straps, buttons and zippers. Also, ensure that it is machine washable.