Baby’s Hair Care

Baby’s Hair Care

In the first couple of weeks, washing your baby’s hair and scalp with warm water every few days to clean the built-up dirt will do. Once your baby has enough hair, you can use a natural, mild shampoo.

Himalaya Gentle Baby Shampoo is a special formulation that cleanses and nourishes the tender hair roots, without causing any irritation and tears.

However, if your baby doesn’t like his hair getting wet and resists, do not wash his hair. Wipe his head clean with a sponge for a few more days and try bathing him again.

Cradle cap is a common condition of the scalp in babies in which the scalp becomes dry and flaky, much like dandruff. This is actually harmless and disappears on its own within a couple of months. A simple remedy is to rub a little vegetable or olive oil on the scalp a couple of times in a week, leaving it on for about fifteen minutes or so, and then gently combing out the flakes is all that is needed. You can then use a safe, gentle and mild shampoo to wash the hair. A severe case of cradle cap marked by thick, oily, yellowish or scaling crusting patches may require medical attention.

Washing Your Baby’s Hair

  • Undress baby and wrap him in a towel. Put his legs under your armpit and support his back with the length of your arm and cradle his head in your hand. Bring him over to the tub or the basin.

  • Check the temperature of the water. Take some water over his head on to his hair. Gently apply a mild shampoo on to the scalp, and then rinse it off.

  • Be careful of the shampoo getting into his eyes. To prevent this, you can use a hair shield which fits around the hairline and blocks any drips. You can also add the shampoo in the water. Gently pat the hair dry using the corner of another towel, so that his face doesn’t get covered. Do not rub the hair. Gently brush his hair using a soft- bristled baby brush.