Are You Getting Your Massage?

Are You Getting Your Massage?

Pregnancy creates a multitude of changes in a woman's body. Ayurvedic texts place paramount importance on massage with oils and make it a pivotal part of postnatal care. A postnatal massage helps a woman regain her pre-pregnancy vitality and assists her body to get back to a new normal. A postnatal massage is not a luxury but an absolute necessity considering the strength a new mother needs to regain.

A postnatal massage bestows a woman with great benefits.

Pain Relief

Residual body aches from pregnancy are normal. Additional responsibilities that come from breastfeeding and child care can intensify arm, shoulder, and back pain. Massage is an effective holistic treatment that can gently relax muscles and relieve pain without medication. The stimulation of pressure points that happens during massage helps provide natural, pain relieving effects.

Improves Circulation

When the body begins to get back into shape, body fluids need to find a new balance after pregnancy. Massage increases circulation and lymphatic drainage, enabling the elimination of excess fluids and waste. Hormones work overtime during pregnancy, causing the body to swell. A postnatal massage helps regulate hormones which subsequently assists in decreasing swelling. The improvement in circulation helps the recovery from soft tissue injury and increases the muscle tone in the abdomen and back. While the body shrinks back into shape, improved circulation keeps skin hydrated and firm, reduces stretch marks, and makes skin soft and supple.

Postpartum Depression

The swift changes after pregnancy and the stress of child rearing can cause a woman to become especially vulnerable to depression. Studies point to an increase in stress and obsessive compulsive and anxiety disorders during this time. About two-thirds of new mothers experience temporary postpartum blues related to hormonal changes, new responsibilities, and the challenges that come with motherhood. Emotional support and the benefits from a massage can help during this transition. Postpartum depression is a preventable yet serious, longer-lasting condition that affects 15% of mothers. Research indicates that massage not only helps to treat postpartum depression but also helps to reduce the stress hormone cortisol.

Boosts Milk Production

Mother’s milk is the greatest source of nutrition for a baby’s health and development. Postnatal massage relaxes the body and increases circulation and milk production. A postnatal massage stimulates a rise in oxytocin levels, the body’s natural pain killer, and prolactin, a lactation hormone, which in turn trigger the production and release of breast milk.

A postnatal massage with a toning massage oil containing Sesame, Ashwagandha, and Bala, can help restore a mother’s strength physically and mentally!

Click to watch Dr. Vidya, Consultant Dermatologist, explain the importance of a postpartum message.