Amusing Baby

Amusing Baby

Your baby’s response to sounds and situations will reflect his mental, physical and sensory development. Once he is able to keep his eyes open for a longer period of time, he will enjoy looking at brightly colored and moving objects.

He will learn to coordinate his movement within three months. This is when he will try to touch and feel objects around him. It is beneficial to keep different colored toys within his reach.

By the time he reaches five months, he is likely to put whatever he can manage to grab into his mouth! So you’ll need to be extra careful while choosing toys. Avoid toys with sharp edges. Ideally, toys should be soft, small, light, colorful and made from a safe material. You can also buy stuffed squeaky toys, which will grab his attention instantly.

Since babies tend to lose interest in objects quickly, you need not invest in buying expensive toys. Simple items like pens, keys, buttons or mobile phones will attract baby’s attention. Keep a number of these simple objects in front of him and see the fun he has with them! However, always try to keep an eye on him, in order to avoid choking hazards while playing.

Toys for Babies up to Age One

Hanging toys: Brightly colored toys of varied shapes and sizes hung in your baby’s crib, stroller or highchair will keep him engaged and make him feel less lonely or bored.

Pull toys: Toys with strings are delightful objects for babies. Pulling the toys to bring them closer to him will improve his finger dexterity.

Push-button toys: Phones and remotes are of great interest to babies. As they are quick learners at this stage, they can imitate the use objects like mobile phones really well!