A Quick Guide to a Smooth, Healthy, and Glowing Pregnancy

A Quick Guide to a Smooth, Healthy, and Glowing Pregnancy

The moment you realize that your bundle of joy will be arriving in a few months, you will put everything, including yourself, at the end of the priority list. However, during pregnancy, just like the baby growing inside you, every part of your body needs extra care and attention.

Below are three easy suggestions to relax your senses during pregnancy and keep you healthy and happy.


Keep your skin soft, hydrated, and supple with regular moisturizing. Use a body butter that is made of herbal and natural ingredients. It will not only be safe on your skin but also prove to be effective against dryness. Using body creams with natural fragrances is an added benefit as these scents can soothe and relax your mind. The first contact with your baby after she is born is through your skin, when you hold her, making skin care during pregnancy even more important. Regularly moisturizing your body will also help prevent stretch marks.


With a baby growing inside you, you may feel pressure on your back, neck, abdominal muscles, and shoulders. A light body massage, even once in a while during pregnancy, can ease sore spots, relax and improve blood circulation. You can use a massage oil that strengthens your muscles and joints as well as soothes and moisturizes your skin. Fragrant massage oils will leave you fresh and rejuvenated.


Hormonal changes, stretched skin, and sweat can sometimes trigger painful skin conditions such as rashes during pregnancy. Even though they may not harm your baby or you, rashes may cause discomfort and irritation, so do manage them right from the time they appear. Often, pregnant women use readily available body lotions to soothe rashes. Rather, opt for anti-rash creams specially formulated for expectant mothers that will protect skin and soothe the rashes, reducing itching as a result.

While your little one might be the center of your universe, it is equally essential to treat the mother in you with same care and love.