A Quick Guide to Planning your Baby’s First Birthday

A Quick Guide to Planning your Baby’s First Birthday

Your baby is approaching a major milestone – his first birthday. While you are wondering how quickly the year passed by, you are also excited about planning baby’s first birthday. You want to leave no stone unturned and plan to make it an extra special day for your baby and family.

Consider the following tips to make your baby’s birthday the sweetest occasion of the year:

Guest List

You may be tempted to invite everyone you know to your baby’s first birthday. However, too many guests can intimidate babies. Instead, call close family relatives and dear friends. Also, a big party can get loud and overwhelm your baby, resulting in crying and an irritable child.


Babies take time to get accustomed to new places. Choose a child-friendly venue, like a park with infant swings and an area to serve party snacks. It is ideal to have the party at your own home, if possible, so that your baby is in familiar, hygienic surroundings.


Consider your baby’s nap time before you schedule the party. Do ensure that baby is well rested so that she doesn’t get cranky and restless during the party.


The theme of the party should be something that your baby can relate to. If your baby has a favorite toy (for example, a superhero, ball, or stuffed animal), the theme of the party can be based on the toy. A recognizable theme will help baby feel at ease and enjoy the party.

The initial birthday parties you have for your baby are tricky. You may be tempted to throw a grand party and buy her very special gifts. However, your baby is too young to appreciate such extravagance. So, keep it simple and treasure these once-in-a-lifetime memories forever.